A Very Short Introduction to… – released 15/11/10

1.  Lemonade Lucy
2.  Well, Anyway
3.  Skeletons

This is my first ‘release’, recorded in my bedroom and in a rehearsal studio.  It’s not intended as anything other than a couple of songs to give listeners a taste of Hadley’s Hope.

Lemonade Lucy was a real bitch to record, but once I figured I could add a synth wash underneath most of the track to fill it out a little it picked up.  The drums and synths were sequenced in Reason. I’m not a drummer, not even a little, so the parts I composed are really the best I could do. Drummers don’t get nearly enough credit, I tell you. The rest was performed live.  There were a lot of retakes – I haven’t played instruments properly in a good while.  The backing vocals didn’t sound nearly as awesome as I hoped they would either.  I think I believed I was Paul McCartney.  What a rude awakening.

Well, Anyway was originally going to be a laid-back stoner jam with the story on top, but I decided it worked better as disco.  Most things do.  Also a bitch to record, as learning 1200 words of dialogue is somewhat more difficult than learning 100 words of a melody.  If you’re not quite sure how to react to it, relax – it’s meant to be funny.  I guess.

Skeletons sounded awful because I couldn’t find my expensive mic, so I used a cheap computer mic instead.  To compensate for this, I made it sound even more awful to give it an old-timey record feel.  Bedroom musician’s logic.


Despite the lo-fi nature of the recordings and the knowledge that this is far from my best material (savin’ that for later, yo), I think the essentials came across pretty well.  If you want to take a little over ten minutes to figure out if I’m worth your time, or if you just want to hear the story of how I was molested by a crazy man on ecstasy, check it out.

Listen and/or download here.



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