Oedipus and the Motherfuckers

That right there is what I should’ve called this pet project of mine.  God, I hate that phrase.  ‘Pet project’.  It just makes me think of some middle-aged guy spending two years half-heartedly restoring an old radio or something.

So this is the official website for Hadley’s Hope.  By that I mean I’ll be announcing things from here, talking about things from here, and if you’d like to, dear reader, you can talk about things here too.  Or you can just tell me in person.

I’ll also be posting utter nonsense because that’s what I do.  I’ve had blogs on and off for over a decade, back before they were called blogs and I had to code the entire thing in Notepad or, god forbid, Geocities Site Builder.  Most of them are actually still around, including one from, I shit ye not, 1998.  No, I will not give you the link.


Feel free to look around when there’s some content.



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