Hey man, what’s up?

I expected myself to have a release this week, since in the dying months of last year I set myself a pace, but in my defence, Thanks for Playing was made on a laptop and thus could be worked on at any time in any place, and it took around nine weeks to get around to finishing A Very Short Introduction To…, so this next one isn’t quite as easy.  However, a little update wouldn’t go amiss.

At the moment, I’m working on five/six seperate projects, two of which are secret.  I intially planned to release them in a certain order, but I’ve come to realise that’s a pointless restriction I’ve placed on myself.  So what you’ll be seeing from me in the next couple of months is:

  • The Legend of Uncle Pat and the Mischievous Girl of Galloway – An EP, this is intentionally the mirror image of Thanks for Playing.  Four songs, no synths, drum machines, effects or samples.  Just me, my guitars and whatever I can find lying around.  Like Thanks for Playing, it should also have a new version of an old song, in this case Buchanan Street Blues.
  • Have You Added Some Sugar? – A companion piece to the above, this will contain two ‘acoustic’ versions of previous songs (that is, they’ll probably still have a bass on there but will be very stripped-back) and two remixes of previously-acoustic songs.  The acoustic songs are Lemonade Lucy and Joanna Reb and the Wee Lie Downs, the remixes are yet to be revealed.
  • The City of Adelaide – Not a concept album about the rotting boat in Irvine harbour, but a collection of definitive (as near as I can manage, anyway) versions of my ten favourite songs from my first 21 years on this earth.  They’re not the best I’ve ever written, or the most personal, but each had something I liked and wanted to have decent recordings of:  Track listing so far:
  1. 96.7
  2. Shortie the Piranha
  3. Jack’s Law
  4. Issie and the Elephant
  5. The Sand Witch
  6. Needy
  7. Free as a Bee
  8. Hearts Dots Stars ‘n’ Stripes
  9. Forever Waiting
  10. King of Close Calls
  • Men Things Do – Once all this retrospective stuff is out of the way, I plan on getting down to some more new music.  This is going to be the next ‘official’ EP after The Legend of Uncle Pat… so it’s likely to have a different sound.

Phew!  Add the two secret things I’m working on, the ten or so other songs that I’ve yet to find a place for, the resolution to do a whole new album at some point and the inevitable question of ‘how the hell am I going to play live’, and it’s gonna be a busy year.


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