Rumours, Track Two

Being a regular, voracious consumer of pop culture, I often dream about movies, games and videos. Unfortunately, my unconscious mind’s interpretation of the details leaves a little to be desired:


  • The Fresh Prince of Bel Air involves a young, streetwise Will Smith and his snooty cousin Carlton Banks, who work together to move homeless people out of their classy neighbourhood to the shorefront in order to boost the value of their house.
  • Plants vs Zombies is a quirky game in the Tower Defense genre where players battle waves of zombies by assuming the roles of great leaders throughout history, such as General Patton, General Disarray and General Tso’s Chicken.
  • Rocky V sees our hero afflicted with brain damage after his brutal bout with Ivan Drago.  His friends begin to notice the problem as he spends most of his time wandering into the room, asking if Mickey’s around.


You also might remember I suffer from hypnagogic hallucinations from time to time.  Interestingly, my mother has too, but until I told her about my experiences with them a year ago, she had assumed she was mentally unstable.  Imagine that: 55 years of assuming you’re crazy just because Wikipedia wasn’t around.  If you haven’t had one yourself, understand that they’re not tricks of the light or dreams.  You’re completely awake and aware of your surroundings, and you see things as if they were 100% real.  Here are a couple of my favourite memories:

  • While waiting for Craig to finish a short shift one night, I fell asleep in his room.  When I awoke, he was standing beside the bed, his back to me.  He turned his head, smiled and dove onto the bed, disappearing before he hit it.
  • A cat with multiple eyes and a deformed face, much like the Chimera from Resistance: Fall of Man, lying on the end of my bed, staring at me.
  • My father sitting in a chair, facing a mirror and not moving.


And just to round things off, a couple of entries from a quickly-abandoned dream journal I kept:

  • “Dad has a brand new sports car and we’re on the run from the Dark Lord Sauron, who he plays cards with.”
  • “Craig calling someone a ‘gaydoh’.  Play-doh or Godot?”
  • “Me and Dave go to see a movie at the UGC and carry on at the ticket desk.  We watch the trailer for a movie called ‘Car Train Chase!’ and see an advert for one, the main selling point of which is that it has a ‘lovely soundtrack’.”
  • “I invent a card game called ‘Buffet’ (pronounced ‘buff it’) which gains popularity with the band.  They ask me to explain the rules to some guy at a party.  It’s kind of like a mix between Snap, Spoons and Poker.  You each get five cards laid face down, and the object is to get rid of them.  Each player takes a turn pulling a card off the remainder of the deck; moves can be cancelled by saying “Buffet!”  That’s about all I can remember.  Note to self: should invent that game some day.”
  • “Me, Rebecca, Craig and Gemma go to see a DJ in what appears to be a cross between Bannerman’s and Cabaret Voltaire.  After the DJ finishes, he hands out demo CDs entitled “Stop!  That’s Not What I Call Music!”


Apparently, my unconscious mind is way more fun and creative than I am.



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