I’m relaunching this blog, so some points:


  • There’s a regular update schedule now, published at 12:00am Tuesdays and Fridays.  There may be content in-between, but there will definitely be something new at the start of every Tuesday and Friday.
  • It’s not the Hadley’s Hope blog any more, though I’ve kept the posts from then.  The Hadley’s Hope project was pretty much finished with the production of How the Whole-Hearted Live, but I’d like to continue writing.
  • Layout’s pretty basic right now.  Will tweak as I go, as well as moving to my own domain name, and maybe moving to a WordPress installation on my own hosting so I can serve ads.  We’ll see.


There’s also some new posts to catch up on since my last post on the Hadley’s Hope blog.  Have at it.

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