Gamer guyz on a couch (I am a petty, petty man)

For the unaware, games played through the first-person perspective always have an option to invert the Y-axis on your controller.  Instead of pressing ‘up’ to look up, the directions are reversed.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s a hangover from flight simulators, which were based on real-world physics.  You push forward to tilt your plane (or head) forward, and thus go downwards, and vice versa.  It wasn’t about what was ‘up’ on a television screen, it was about simulating how heads and planes actually work.

I know it’s dumb and irrational and pointless, but I can’t help but assume a friend is some kind of caveman if pushing up has to necessarily mean ‘up’.

9 Comments on “Gamer guyz on a couch (I am a petty, petty man)”

    • Ryan English says:

      The fair.

      Your work is insane. Neil, you have to check out this guy’s Ratchet and Clank drawings. On your Circle of Doom t-shirt, which villains are present? I think I’ve got Ursula, Malificent, the Queen of Hearts and Cruella De Ville. Is the purple one Madam Mim?

      • A4man says:

        ha, cheers! didn’t expect the praise there. Jafar from Aladin is in there somewhere too but you nailed it. They say opposites attract, my partner inverts the Y-axis on the controller and I leave it.
        Nice blog by the way

      • Ryan English says:

        Thanks, it’s just something I do for fun, I secretly moonlight as a musician, but, having been unsatisfied with the quality of my work for too long, I’ve recently went back to square one and I’m trying to write an album of simple acoustic songs.

        If you don’t mind me asking, how did you find your way here? The only reason I ask is that I once tried to convince Jessica Ashman in the Captain’s Rest that video games could be art, and she told me she’d already heard this chat from a friend who’d (wisely) used Shadow of the Colossus as an example. I wondered if it might’ve been yourself.

  1. A4man says:

    Into acoustic music myself. I’m one of the lucky few who got tinnitus from playing in bands. So, I know Jess. She’s got her geek on at ours a fair few times, mostly feeding her Katumari fix. So Shadow of the Colossus may of been mentioned. The mad thing is I found your site from just browsing blogs on my phone. I stumbled across your Idiocracy post (awesome film by the way).

    • Ryan English says:

      Small world. I used to be in a band with Rory MacDonald, the younger brother of Pete MacDonald, who did the music for Fixing Luka. And won a Bafta, the talented fellow. The Idiocracy thing blew up because I submitted it to Reddit, and I was roundly criticised for not putting enough effort into it. Had I known it would be read by 300,000 people, I’d probably have supported my arguments a bit more.

      Did you know your artwork is currently being used for a Dota2 thread on /vg/, one of the biggest gaming forums on the internet? Or did you start that?

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