Whenever something related to Scotland hits the front page of Reddit

Whenever Scotland is mentioned on the internet, Scots crawl their way out of anonymity to affirm their Scottishness to the audience at large.  They use local slang, talk about local things and seem absolutely desperate to let everyone know just how Scottish they are in the hopes of… I’m not sure what.  Maybe they want everyone to love them for being like Groundskeeper Willie or something.


It’s possible that there’s some bias here, but I don’t notice other countries indulging in this to the same extent, though Canadians rank a distant second.  It’s very strange, attention-seeking behaviour, and it leaves me feeling a little ashamed.  On a personal level, I feel national pride can be a dangerous thing, but if there’s anything to be proud of, I’m sure it’s not 1-dimensional stereotypes and outdated jokes.