Change in title

I’ve changed the site title from REblog to The Wretched Ryan English in order to match the URL. This is bordering on narcissism, I admit, but unfortunately it seems that a fair number of people access this site by Googling “the wretched ryan english” rather than “reblog”. Doing so returns results from all over the site rather than directing you to the front page, which is what I assume most people are probably looking for. I’m hoping that by changing the site title, the search results will be more convenient. Basically, calling the site “REblog” is entirely redundant.

As I said when I relaunched the blog, it’s still my intention to move to a self-hosted WordPress installation at some point, perhaps to serve ads, though that seems less appealing now. I’m also considering a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule as opposed to the twice-weekly one I have at the moment.

I also want to thank each and every one of you who has followed, liked or commented on any post I’ve made, as well as all the silent readers. I’d be doing this if you weren’t here, but knowing that you are reading makes it a hell of a lot more fun. I may be gnashing my teeth at 2pm on update day, convinced that I won’t be able to think of anything worth writing about, but knowing that there is a small-but-dedicated audience coming back every Tuesday and Friday keeps me inspired.

Update still on for tomorrow. Thanks for everything.


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