I’ve never met a militant vegan or vegetarian. Not once. I hear about them a lot, I see them parodied on television, but I’ve never met one.

Isn’t that funny? Everyone reading this is familiar with the character of which I speak. The angry animal lover who feels it is their duty to criticise the eating choices of those around them. “Oh my god, how can you eat that?” they wail as an innocent carnivore tucks into a juicy steak. “I think I’m going to be sick.”

And we hate that smug vegetarian, don’t we? We hate how they think they’re better than us, how they believe it’s their right to criticise us. We hate how they feel they are morally obliged to take our cheeseburgers away. Damn them. Damn their whiny malnourished faces.

But when was the last time a vegetarian had a go at you? It’s certainly never happened to me. Maybe I’m just lucky, but the only arguments about eating meat I’ve ever witnessed were started by meat eaters. They heard someone was a vegetarian and bulled on over, desperate to highlight the flaws in the vegetarian creed, deficient as it is in consistency and reason. And the eating of delicious meat.

I’m not so sure the vegetarian view is as irrational as we often complain it is. If you spend more than five minutes thinking about it, there are all sorts of unsettling inconsistencies in the eating of animal flesh. Do animals have ‘souls’? If not, why is it okay to eat cows but not dogs? If human beings are simply very clever animals, why is it wrong to eat human flesh? If we recognise the superiority of man over beast, is it not our duty, as the only creatures on earth capable of free will, to prevent natural suffering? Wouldn’t the giving up of sausage rolls be a small price to pay for doing the noble thing? Is it possible that our modern practices in the rearing and consumption of meat isn’t the behaviour of a responsible human race?  Is the freedom to eat as much meat as we want really a justification for the shocking amount of violence we inflict on billions of living animals every single day?

I don’t know. But I do know that a vegetarian has never lambasted my choice to meat, and I often wonder if the argumentative carnivore is simply insecure. Most of society eats meat, and a couple of people choosing to restrict their diet is not a threat to that. When a meat eater starts a fight with an unassuming vegetarian, I can’t help but suspect they’re really arguing with themselves.

How to be creative on the internet

You ever notice that in order to create something popular on the internet, you just have to take one hugely popular thing and mix it with another hugely popular thing?  That you don’t even have to try to come up with something different, you just have to rip off two old things at the same time?  I thought I’d give it a shot.  Let’s get creative!



It’s The Fast and the Furious meets The Dark Knight! Everyone’s seen those movies, right? What better way to tell everyone you have also seen two popular movies than to wear this on a t-shirt?



Pikachu + Doctor Who = Doctor Chu. Tumblr, here I come!


Jurassic Clark! I think I’m getting the hang of this.



Oh man, that is prime Reddit material right there. You’ll be the coolest guy at the student union if you show up with this one on your chest.


Whew, all that creativity has left me bushed.  It’s too bad I can’t draw or I’d be making millions with my innovative genius.

Dumpster diving

I had a look through my old hard drive tonight.  I feel like I should be deleting all this stuff I never look at or use any more, but then I wonder what the point would be.  It’s not like it takes up any physical space, or even that much digital space.  It’s just… I don’t know.  Maybe if I can get rid of all the nonsense and only keep a nicely-organised folder of all the things that used to matter to me, I’ll have done the same with my life.  Spiritual cleansing or something.

I found some bad things, and some fond memories, but mostly rubbish.  Some of it will make it onto the blog at some point, I guess.  I have a notion to upload every risible song I’ve ever recorded, dated and catalogued, as a balls-out gesture to the world.  You know, an “I’m not ashamed because you have to be as utterly revolting as I once was and keep going to be any good in the end”.  I’d like to think that would give people a little comfort when they feel down.  But not yet.  I’m not ready.

But I am ready to share these few cool things I found.  This is the original rotoscope test for How the Whole-Hearted Live.  I dug out my old £20 Tesco Value graphics tablet and threw together a 2-3 second clip to see if my idea would actually work.  It did!

Follow this link to see a little animation test I did about 9 years ago in Flash to practice tweening paths.  Look at that guy!  He loves it.

And finally, a screenshot of a news story that I apparently considered worth saving for 8 whole years.


It’s nice to have some solidarity with the past from time to time.