Dumpster diving

I had a look through my old hard drive tonight.  I feel like I should be deleting all this stuff I never look at or use any more, but then I wonder what the point would be.  It’s not like it takes up any physical space, or even that much digital space.  It’s just… I don’t know.  Maybe if I can get rid of all the nonsense and only keep a nicely-organised folder of all the things that used to matter to me, I’ll have done the same with my life.  Spiritual cleansing or something.

I found some bad things, and some fond memories, but mostly rubbish.  Some of it will make it onto the blog at some point, I guess.  I have a notion to upload every risible song I’ve ever recorded, dated and catalogued, as a balls-out gesture to the world.  You know, an “I’m not ashamed because you have to be as utterly revolting as I once was and keep going to be any good in the end”.  I’d like to think that would give people a little comfort when they feel down.  But not yet.  I’m not ready.

But I am ready to share these few cool things I found.  This is the original rotoscope test for How the Whole-Hearted Live.  I dug out my old £20 Tesco Value graphics tablet and threw together a 2-3 second clip to see if my idea would actually work.  It did!

Follow this link to see a little animation test I did about 9 years ago in Flash to practice tweening paths.  Look at that guy!  He loves it.

And finally, a screenshot of a news story that I apparently considered worth saving for 8 whole years.


It’s nice to have some solidarity with the past from time to time.

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